Tanks for Residential Fire Sprinkler & Cold Water Supplies Systems

With the growth in the market for installing sprinkler tanks and related water supplies, in residential buildings, Franklin Hodge have developed a range of small sectional, site installed rectangular tanks that are ideally suited to the requirements of this market.

Based upon the successful and proven Firetainer® tank, from the Franklin Hodge range, the new small capacity version offers the following key benefits:

Flexibility. Designed to fit into restricted spaces in plant rooms or loft spaces

Economy. Makes more effective use of the available area. No need for steel or concrete supports. Firetainer tanks sit flat on a load bearing floor.

Versatility. Being assembled on site from pre-fabricated parts means that the tank components are easy to transport to and around sites.

Low maintenance & long life. A critical factor for building owners and facilities managers, small capacity Firetainer® tanks are low maintenance and dependable, thanks to the use of inherently corrosion resistant material.

Cold Water Storage Tanks

Tanks can be supplied for projects that require make-up or feed water for sprinkler, general cold water services, or drinking water supplies. These are made from site assembled galvanised steel or aluminium, with an internal liner. For projects where drinking water approval is required, one-piece or semi one-piece tanks in GRP can be supplied, in a wide range of dimensions and capacities.

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