Waste & Effluent

A range of waste and effluent liquids can be stored in Franklin Hodge’s range of site assembled, sealed shell tanks, using coated steel plates.

Part of our existing range

Cylindrical tanks assembled from glass fused to steel plates have been part of the Franklin Hodge range for over thirty years. The particular design and material finish on our Glass Coated Liquistore ® allow us to extend our liquid storage tank capability for our customers.

Durable and proven coating

Our Glass Coated Liquistore ® tank plates are manufactured from a grade of steel that is suitable for glass coating, a process that achieves a tough, hardwearing and chemically resistant finish superior to that of many other applied finishes. Individual tank plates are bolted together on site and sealed with a suitable polyurethane mastic sealant. At the base of the tank a rolled angle is bolted down using anchor brackets and the tank panels are sealed into a rebate in the concrete foundation. 

Applications for the Glass Coated Liquistore ® include the storage and handling of 

  • Industrial, municipal & agricultural effluent
  • Process water
  • Drinking water

Covers & accessories

A range of tank covers manufactured from GRP, aluminium, stainless and galvanised steel materials is available. Accessories and fittings such as ladders, platforms, walk-ways, spool connections and pipe work are also available, depending on our customers’ requirements.

Size range

For our range of diameters, heights and corresponding capacities, please refer to our separate size chart.

Contact our sales team 

If you wish to discuss your requirements for waste and effluent tanks, please contact our dedicated product sales line on +44 (0) 3332 341004. Or simply complete an enquiry form on our website at: www.franklinhodge.com. Our main office number is: +44 (0) 1432 269605 

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