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Water cooling tower

About Us

Carter Environmental offer high-quality water-cooling products and services to the UK and Global market. Our cooling systems are designed and manufactured in our Birmingham, UK facility with an emphasis on quality, performance, and sustainability.

Carter Environmental’ s cooling towers have a proud history. Operating on prestigious and duty critical sites, providing reliable performance and efficiency.

Products & Services

We offer a standard range of products which are highly customisable, as well as bespoke solutions for situations where there are design and engineering challenges. We also offer ancillary equipment to support the operation of the equipment and cooling system. Spare parts are valuable for all new and historic equipment. Our engineers also provide site services, maintenance and refurbishment.

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BAL Series

Carter BAL Series Forced Draught, Counterflow, Centrifugal fanset Cooling towers available, both open and closed circuit.

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BUC Series

Carter BUC Series Induced Draught, Counterflow, Axial fanset Cooling towers available, both open and closed circuit.

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SAN Series

Carter SAN Series Forced Draught, Counterflow Axial fanset cooling towers available, both open and closed circuit.

Dry Cooler
ABC & WABC Series

Closed Circuit air blast coolers and adiabatic air blast coolers

Closed circuit with heat exchanger
Spares, Service and Refurbishment

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