Liquidrum® Small & Medium Capacity Water Storage Tank

Fast and convenient to install, easy to transport, the Liquidrum® tank from Franklin Hodge offers a cost effective, fast to install solution especially in remote or difficult to access locations. Liquidrum® tanks offer an ideal option particularly where temporary or emergency water storage is required. Liquidrum® offers a long-life solution to a permanent or temporary requirement, using high-grade galvanised steel and proven tank lining materials.

Following the same straightforward to install philosophy as other products from the Franklin Hodge range, the Liquidrum® tank can be installed using basic hand tools. Liquidrum® tanks can be installed on soil or sand foundations, by using a geotextile matting between the tank liner and the soil or sand, in most cases1, avoiding the need to lay a concrete slab on which to build the tank. This makes the Liquidrum® even more cost effective and convenient.

Liquidrum® tanks are available in a wide range of diameters, up to a height of 4.58m. Open top or covered tanks can be supplied. Covers are available in anti-algae, stretch fabric and 100 and 300 conical steel.

The Liquidrum® tank offers:

Convenience – Supplied as a kit of prefabricated parts that are:

Easy to transport, especially to remote sites
Fast to install
Assembled using standard hand tools

Cost Saving:

Quality design and materials yet cost-effective
Low cost to install
Low cost foundations

1 Dependent on diameter and height

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