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Grain Silos

Proactive silo inspections prevent costly product losses and potentially damaging accidents. The cost of any preventative maintenance or repairs is generally significantly lower than the potential costs of a collapse. Your conical or steel fabricated silo should be inspected at the very minimum every 5 years.

Franklin Hodge now offer a complete inspection, maintenance, and refurbishment suite of services to your steel silo installations. Through our sister business, Brice Baker we have both the expertise and industry knowledge to provide a full range of support services. We can manufacture corrugated galvanised sheets to fit many manufacturers silos. Composite sectional silos with external bracing can be difficult to refurbish to an acceptable standard. With the inspect and repair service now available from Franklin Hodge/Brice Baker it is possible to extend the life of any type of silo.

Product often used in silos often allow for bacterial and viral growth which can have an adverse effect on the internal panel condition, whilst due to age there may be a requirement to replace the silo in the long term, it the short, a quick, effective refurbishment can make the difference and allow full use of the silo until downtime is available to replace in its entirety, we offer both options here at FHI/Brice Baker.

Our specialist team are fully trained in working at heights & confined space working and operate within strict and continuously audited health and safety procedures.

The Franklin Hodge/Brice Baker service offers:

Free Initial Silo Inspection
A full low-cost visual structural survey & Photographic Report (Internal/external)
Low Cost ROV Survey in liquid storage facilities
Bespoke made to order corrugated/flat coated panels any dimensions.
Structural repairs, bracing framework upgrades.
Competitive Pricing & Professional Service
Access platforms & ladder systems upgrade and install.
Sectors covered Agriculture, Horticulture & Industrial
Coating thickness checks to give an expected remaining life span of steel work.

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