Fire Water Storage Tank for Protection of Critical Infrastructure Project

Water for fighting fires is vitally important in maintaining the integrity and survivability of critical plant and infrastructure. This is particularly the case where plant and infrastructure, be it privately or public owned, is situated in a region prone to earthquakes. It is important that tanks storing water for firefighting in these regions are designed so that they can survive the impact of an earthquake. Water from these tanks can then be used to fight the fires that often follow an earthquake.

Franklin Hodge have a long history of designing and installing tanks that are designed to survive earthquakes. Locations for projects where Franklin Hodge have supplied earthquake strengthened tanks includes, the border between Chile and Argentina, in the Andes Mountains, the border between Pakistan and Afghanistan, the Balkans and closer to home in Italy, Hungary and Romania.

To add to the long list of earthquake strengthened tanks that Franklin Hodge have installed, is one recently completed in Eastern Europe. This tank is storing just over 1,000m3, (1million litres/220,000 imperial gallons/264,000 US gallons) and meets the earthquake (seismic) design requirements of Factory Mutual Approvals organization, (FM) based upon the FM earthquake designation category of ‘EQ 250 Years’.

Franklin Hodge have a specialist tank design team, who are able to advise customers on technical issues relating to firefighting, drinking water, or process water storage tanks. This includes advice and designs for tanks to be built in regions with challenging environments, including earthquake and high wind conditions.

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