Witney Sewage Treatment Works Oxfordshire

witney stw elevated view 2018 p2

Our Industrial Tank team recently completed another Glass Fused to Steel (Glass Coated) tank installation project for Thames Water, at their Witney STW in Oxfordshire. The scope of the project entailed the supply and building of a tank with dimensions of 6.82m diameter and 3.47m high, with a GRP conical cover. 

Challenges Overcome

Key challenges of the project were that the tank had to be installed on an elevated base and the working area was close to the plant’s channel inlets. In addition, it was found during the initial installation scoping process that the lower level outlet spool conflicted with the telemetry box outlets. This had not been anticipated at the design stage. Our operations team came up at short notice with a design for a short stop stand-off, which was fabricated and installed. Through an innovative and creative approach, rather than slowing the programme, a problem was quickly overcome by our team, for our customer.

Despite the challenges encountered by our team, the installation work was completed a day ahead of schedule.

Future customers may like to know that following development work on this and other glass coated steel projects, our Industrial Tank team have located and successfully trialled a new type of bolt cap which not only improves the appearance of our tanks but also has better technical characteristics and performance.

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Franklin Hodge