New technology and installation procedures for concrete work

farnham top angle fitting

New technology and installation procedures for concrete work used on a recent municipal tank demolition and re-build project: Farnham Surrey

Scope of project
Our Industrial tank team have recently finished a project at Farnham in Surrey. The project consisted of the demolition and removal from site of an existing 17.91m diameter tank with a GRP cover that was in a poor condition and the supply and construction of a replacement unit.

New technology employed on concrete foundation work
When refurbishing an existing concrete tank base on similar projects in the past, our team have employed the hydro-demolition method. Hydro-demolition can produce a large amount of dirt and waste, which can be a problem both for our team and client. On the Farnham project our team decided to work with a specialist in robotic concrete cutting and demolition, to carry out work on the concrete tank rebate. Our team found that the robotic method was faster and generated much less waste.

New faster tank installation procedure
Through an improved method of placing and fitting the tank cover sections at a critical stage in the tank build procedure and effective use of the tank shell lifting jacks together with special scaffolding, build time was significantly reduced. As a consequence of the improved build method, there was also a reduction in the amount of time that a crane had to be used on site.

Benefits for our customer

  • Our team met the agreed project programme time, in this case for the supply of a tank that is slightly higher than the previous unit, giving our client an increase in capacity for the same footprint area
  • We achieved a reduction of waste and plant time on site and thereby reduced our impact on the local environment

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Franklin Hodge