7 Incredible Underwater ROV Camera Benefits for Tank Inspection

Discover why remote-controlled underwater-operated vehicle (ROV) cameras help deliver a safe, efficient, and economical solution for your tank inspection requirements. 

Manual tank inspection can prove costly in more ways than one. Not only the money involved but the general inconvenience, hassle and potential environmental hazards at stake make it an unappealing process.

That’s where underwater ROV cameras come in handy.

In this blog, we delve into the numerous benefits an underwater ROV camera can offer to help you decide whether it provides the ideal solution for your specific tank inspection solutions.

What is an ROV?

ROV stands for “Remotely operated vehicle”. ROVs are known as unmanned submersibles that operate in underwater environments. Typically controlled by trained operators on the surface, ROVs connect to control systems with tethers or long cables.

However, more advanced ROVs are designed and built to work autonomously or semi-autonomously. When they reach the stage of complete automation, their correct distinction is UAV (Unmanned Autonomous Vehicles). 

On a standard ROV, you can expect to see the following features:

  • Remote control
  • Tethers
  • Propulsion (Thrusters/propellers)
  • Cameras
  • Sensors

While more advanced ROVs can contain more advanced components, such as:

  • Robotic arms
  • Real-time feedback
  • Deep diving depth
  • Autonomous capabilities

ROVs provide a pivotal role across many industries and disciplines, with the level of innovation involved in your ROV reliant on the purpose and environment.

From scientific research and exploration to removing people from hazardous environments, ROVs demonstrate practical usability and versatility, making them valuable devices for various applications.

7 Benefits of an ROV Underwater Camera

Underwater ROV cameras for tank inspection include multiple industries, such as marine, oil, gas and water.

Here are the main benefits that an underwater ROV camera can offer your tank inspection requirements:

  1. No Drainage Necessary    

Perhaps the most convenient aspect of investing in or hiring an underwater camera ROV is that there is no need to drain your tank for inspection.

Simply, open up your tank and let the ROV underwater camera do its business. With no need to shut down the system or pay a temporary premium on your insurance coverage, this advantage saves you a lot of hassle and money.  

Finally, by inspecting your tank without draining, Underwater ROV cameras also provide an eco-friendly solution by avoiding negative environmental issues caused by drainage or disrupting marine life.

  • Safety First

According to OSHA data, 13 workers on average will experience fatal injuries every year in commercial dive activities. But with an ROV underwater camera, you can eliminate the need for operators to enter a potentially hazardous environment.

As a result, you can reduce health risks, injuries and potentially fatal accidents.

  • Cost-Effective

The initial investment in an underwater camera ROV is not cheap, but the lasting effects prove cost-effective in the long run. For example, there is no need to hire specialist divers for inspection while minimising further maintenance and repairs.

Plus, underwater camera ROV services are available to hire from specialist companies who can complete your tank inspection effectively and efficiently for a reasonable fee.

  • Speed and Precision  

ROVs provide a close inspection of your entire tank interior in a fraction of the time compared to manual examinations. Without any ladders or scaffolding required, ROVs deliver high-definition information faster while avoiding any health or safety issues.

Most modern underwater ROV cameras are equipped with high-definition underwater cameras and advanced imaging technology to capture clear and detailed visuals of your tank’s interior.

The quality of the imagery enables accurate assessments and efficient identification of any issues that need fixing.

  • Real-Time Data   

Depending on the technology, operators can receive live footage and data from the ROV in real time as it functions underwater. Gaining real-time results can be critical when you require information that could prove crucial to your operations.

In providing instantaneous details on the condition of your industrial storage tank, ROVs help inform decision-making quickly during inspections to enhance efficiency and effectiveness while potentially providing evidence for any necessary adjustments.

Along with visualising the results, underwater ROV systems can record, translate and store your results as data. Taking this captured footage and data, you can rewatch and create comprehensive reports required to satisfy the necessary compliance and regulations.

  • Proximity Without Personnel

Most industrial storage tanks tend to be relatively confined areas. However, underwater camera ROVs help you avoid scenarios of awkward manual examinations by removing the physical complications associated when working within small spaces.

Plus, with no personnel required for physical inspection of the tank interior, your business saves time, money, and energy.

  • Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)

Additional robotics, tools and sensors can enable your underwater ROV camera to produce high-performance NDT results, such as ultrasonic thickness measurements and magnetometer gauges.

Therefore, underwater camera ROVs can deliver a thorough inspection without causing any defects to the tank lining or interior surface.

Simplify Your Tank Inspections with Underwater ROV Camera Capabilities

Here at Franklin Hodge Industries, we provide ROV underwater camera video services nationwide to ensure we deliver thorough inspection surveys and comprehensive reports on your tank condition alongside any further quotations for recommended repairs, replacements, or refurbishments. 

Our team uses The Pro 4 300 Rugged Base ROV. Designed to deliver impressive protection against harsh water environments, it’s also equipped to accept all VideoRay accessories.

For more details on how our ROV camera services can help your tank inspection needs, get in touch today and receive a free assessment. 

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