Galvanised Tritainer

For small to medium capacities of water storage, where space is at a premium, the Tritainer ®/ Firetainer ® tank offers a cost effective solution.

Using triangular shaped galvanised steel panels which make up 1.0m2 modules that are then bolted together on site, a rapidly assembled rectangular tank that can fit into small and difficult spaces can be provided. Internally a hot vulcanised tailor made membrane liner is fitted to the tank. Any length and width can be catered for, with a maximum height of 2.575m.

Firetainer ® tanks are approved by the UK Loss Prevention Certification Board for the storage of fire sprinkler water.

Key Features

Easy to handle, relatively small panels, enabling easy access to restricted areas.

No internal bracing. This means no internal corrosion problems.

No sealants or gaskets to the tank shell, which means faster installation and elimination of leakage problems.

Insulation can be placed internally between the tank liner and tank wall, thereby protecting the insulation from the environment and vandalism.


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galvanised tritainer


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