4.Dry Air Blast Cooler

Dry Air Blast Coolers

Allow us to calculate the operating costs for any design of this hybrid system you wish! 

With Cabero hybrid heat exchangers and condensers the company is pursuing an important principle consideration of the environment.  The greatest possible benefit can be achieved using the least resources possible.

Carter blast coolers are available in one to fourteen fans as single coolers as standard. Optional extras include variable speed fan control, attenuation package, extended legs, stainless steel or painted casing, winter coil heater package, skid mounted cooler and pump sets.

Over the fin heat exchanger is the wetting device which wets the fins with water when required.  The cascading water is collected in a stainless steel collecting bath and transported back to the wetting device via a pump.

  • Flat Bed (Forced or Induced Draught)
  • Vertical (Forced or Induced Draught)
  • V-Shape
  • Dry & wet operation
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