Coming Soon: FHI returns to the Waste Water & Effluent Storage

Franklin Hodge is pleased to be able to confirm that we are relaunching our range of epoxy and glass coated liquid storage tanks. Our aim is to expand into the wastewater and general industrial tank markets in the UK and worldwide.

Already well known for our range of site assembled, membrane lined tanks, primarily for the storage of fire, potable and process water, we have been approached by a number of customers about supplying our tank range to allow more aggressive liquids to be stored. To achieve this, we will be supplying a range of sealed shell tanks assembled from coated steel plates, without the need for an internal membrane liner, which would be incompatible with certain more corrosive liquids and internal moving equipment often used in the waste water industry.

Franklin Hodge continues to develop and grow as a business in the UK and overseas. A well known name in silo and granulated material storage and handling systems, Brice Baker has recently been added to our range, allowing us to offer the storage and handling of solid material in addition to liquids.

Franklin Hodge