Aluminium Liquitainer / Firetainer

Where space is at a premium, the Liquitainer ®/ Firetainer ® tank is an ideal solution for bulk water storage indoors or out. A wide range of shapes and any length or width can be catered for, with a maximum height of 5.35m.

Using steel sections of either rectangular, circular or u-beams, a structure is formed which eliminates the need for internal bracing. Aluminium panels are bolted between the sections and the interior is fitted with an open top tailored membrane liner. Alternative covers are available either flat with a raised ball valve housing for indoor use, or with a low profile pitch for outdoor use.

Liquitainer ®/ Firetainer ® tanks can be located on any suitable flat load bearing surface, such as an existing reinforced concrete floor, or roof top, and are simply bolted to the floor surface.

Firetainer ® tanks are approved by the UK Loss Prevention Certification Board for the storage of fire sprinkler water.

Versatility in design.

A variety of shapes and sizes can be supplied. Existing obstructions such as building support columns can be encapsulated within the tank by ‘sleeving’ the membrane liner around them. 

Ease and speed of assembly.

No sealants are used in the construction of the tank. All that is required is straight forwardsite assembly.

Simplicity of foundations.

There is no need to seal the tank to the concrete foundation. The membrane liner has a floor in it and the tank shell is simply bolted to the foundation.

Low maintenance.

The outer steelwork structure is hot dip galvanised to BS EN ISO 1461 and the shell panels and connection plates are manufactured from pre-galvanised steel sheet coated with a heavy duty spangle finish, complying to BS EN 10346 Grade S250GD. Internally the membrane liner will not rot or degrade in the same way that other coatings and finishes do, under normal water storage conditions.

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