We would like to inform customers of a change in procedures relating to the fitting of tank data plates on LPCB approved tanks. Fitting of tank data plates can be carried out only when a tank has been filled with water and commissioned as part of the fire sprinkler system.  Documentary proof has to be provided that commissioning of the tank has taken place.  Once we have received documentary proof from a customer, the date of commissioning of the tank can be imprinted on the tank data plate and it can be supplied and fitted to the tank.  Information relating to the fitting of data plates, will be provided in line with the project specific installation and commissioning procedures.

New procedure

Following the completion of construction of a fire tank, in order to date imprint and despatch the tank data plate, we will require the following information from our customers:

  • A dated photograph of the tank contents gauge showing that the tank is full of water
  • Written confirmation that the tank has held water for a minimum period of 12 hours

For ease of installation a straightforward method of fitting the data plate will be provided.


Transition period to new procedure

For the short period of transition from the former procedure of fitting the data plate upon completion of installation, to the new procedure of fitting the data plate when the tank has been commissioned, Franklin Hodge will return to site to fit data plates.  After this short transition period, completed data plates will be sent to customers for fitting to commissioned tanks.


Temporary Filling of Tank: 

We recommend that following completion of the tank that it is filled with a minimum of 300mm of water. Failure to do so may affect the product warranty.

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